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Flame Inhibitor

– Fireproof technology used in space and aviation

– Environmentally friendly

– The smallest flame inhibitor in the world

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It is a manual and portable fire extinguishing device that delivers a charge of extinguishing aerosol with large capacity and a wide flexibility of use.
It also has the characteristics of being eco-friendly and non-toxic.
It is used to extinguish fires: solid, liquid and electrical and electronic equipment.
It features a raft of protection that in mode of use, if inserted in the handle, increase the length of the handle making it safer.
It has practical and fast activation system. 5 years Warranty. Do not use after expiry date. Use age 18 years.


The working device and produces high temperature of aerosol.
Do not touch the metal tube during and after use.
Do not address the jet of aerosol toward people.
In case of accidental activation wait the complete jet of aerosol and proceed to change the air in the environment.
Use the device only for the beginning of fire.
Do not use the device if it is damaged.
Do not disassemble the device.
Keep this device out of the reach of children.


Disposal of the product and packaging must be carried out according to national regulations.


(Photo 1) Hold the Mangiafuoco® from the plastic handle and take out the upper tube.
(Photo 2) Introduce the upper tube in the lower part of the handle using it like an extension.
(Photo 3) Hold the Mangiafuoco® by the plastic handle and tear off the protective ring.
(Photo 4) Direct the jet toward the base of the flames (Minimum distance 60cm).

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Flame Inhibitor